Therapy by Phone or Video Chat [Can Suck]. Here’s How to Make It Better.

LIIST has been providing video therapy for years. We do still think in-person sessions are best because we believe we can better attune with our clients. This pandemic has encouraged all of our sessions to move to video. So far, we are very happy with the results. Our greatest concern for the feasibility of online

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amusement & edification list

LIIST therapist, Crystal Russell, has passed along this list of activities for amusement and edification in this time of quarantine. The list includes virtual tours, live cameras, online access to museums, musicals to watch at home, joyful body movement at home, yoga and meditation, free online courses, free digital and audio books, resources for kids,

It’s okay to break up with someone right now

Dr. Torrisi was interviewed for this article in Vice by Hannah Smothers. “[Dr. Torrisi], a certified sex therapist based in New York, told VICE that this moment is essentially a compatibility test for a lot of couples, old and new. The coronavirus pandemic is going to reveal not just how they respond to this specificsituation, but

Online sessions

There’s a growing panic on Long Island about Corona Virus. This is likely a time of high anxiety for many people, which might actually be a good time to reach out to a therapist. Please know that all therapists at LIIST are able to conduct online or in person sessions.