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In-Network for CareConnect

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The providers at the Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy (LIIST) are in-network for CareConnect, the Northwell/NorthShore-LIJ health insurance designed just for Long Islanders!


CareConnect isn’t just health insurance—it’s healthier insurance. They were created by Northwell Health to make it easier for people to get and stay healthy, so they offer their members access to some of the best doctors and hospitals in the New York area — at prices that are easier to pay.

You can save a lot of money on monthly premiums when you buy an insurance plan from us instead of the “big name” insurers, because of their unique partnership with Northwell Health and other like-minded health care providers allows CareConnect to work more efficiently to get you the care you need.

The CareConnect network is made up of carefully selected hospitals, doctors and other health care providers throughout the New York metro area that have earned top ratings and national and local honors for their superior care. You also get access to more than 100 urgent care centers throughout New York and over 1,000 walk-in clinics nationwide.

Care Connect can find you the right doctor, make your appointments, explain your costs, answer your questions and make sure you get any other help you need. And you never need a referral to see a specialist in-network! Their mission is to make health insurance, and health care, easy.

Dr. Torrisi and the Young Survival Coalition

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young-survival-coalition-new-yorkAs a therapist, co-survivor, and breast cancer and lesbian sexuality researcher, Dr. Torrisi is proud to be a member of the Young Survival Coalition’s Supportive Services Council.


As a member of this Council, Dr. Torrisi is responsible for assisting in promoting programs to fulfill YSC’s mission & strategic plans, supporting the assessment of YSC’s programs to strengthen their individual and overall impact, fostering new ideas and encouraging creativity, serving as a trusted advisor and complement the work of YSC’s governing Board of Directors, working collaboratively with the Mission Delivery Team leadership to develop long-range planning and bolster the department’s ability to achieve their goals, and acting as an ambassador for YSC, its mission, volunteers and constituents.

Sex & Aging in Manhasset

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220px-Manhasset_Gazebo_rain_jehDrs. Rosara Torrisi and Lila Abbatte conducted a workshop about sexuality, aging, and possible changes in positions for optimal sexual pleasure at their shared Manhasset office. Learn more about that workshop here.

LIIST & Pelvic Physical Therapy

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The Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy has officially announced their partnership with New Dimensions Physical Therapy in Manhasset. Beginning in October, LIIST  will be providing cutting edge therapy for individuals and couples with sexuality-related concerns in collaboration with Dr. Abbate.  LIIST has always collaborated with state of the art professionals on Long Island, including Dr. Abbate’s team in Manhasset. As many sex therapy clients suffer with physical pelvic floor dysfunctions and pain, this partnership provides easy to access services for couples and individual psychotherapy alongside pelvic physical therapy.

Difficulties with pain after pregnancy? This new partnership is for you!

Experiencing IBS or IC symptoms that prevent you from having sex with your partner? This new partnership is for you!

Extremely painful periods? This new partnership is for you!

Erectile dysfunction or Premature ejaculation difficulties? This new partnership is for you!

Peeing during workouts? This new partnership is for you!