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Month: abril 2013

Gender Myths

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s article about the harm of misogyny in our culture, here’s a great one from Thought Catalogue about the pitfalls and inadequacies of gender stereotypes.

  • No, men don’t always want sex all the time.
  • Women can pay for dinner, clothes, cars, a home, etc. 
  • Men can clean a bathroom floor. 
  • Women definitely curse. 
  • Women can be pretty hilarious. They can also be pretty darn nerdy.
  • Men like all types of women… and all types of men.
  • Women and men dress in whatever clothes and wear whatever makeup they like because they want to.
  • Men have the right to commit, or not, to any relationship type.

Now, instead of “men” or “women” what if we just put in “People”?

Pervasive Misogyny

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A wonderful article in the Huffington Post about how we develop our understandings of pleasure based on what is “right” as told to us by family, friends, lovers and ourselves. From how we dress to how we moan, our sexuality is created through the lens of society. Anyone can “stop mimicking the worst parts of heterosexism.”

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