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With the new year soon approaching, this website is experiencing some new changes. The URL is no longer Rosara and is now For now, the image on the front is no longer a slideshow, just a static photo. And a whole new design is brewing! Keep posted!

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Women Get Women Off Better

Women in general are more likely to experience orgasm when “sex” includes kissing, non-genital touching, receiving oral sex, genital-manual stimulation, and use of sex toys– all behaviors more engaged in by women having sex with women.

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Vote for Rosara Torrisi

I am nominated for Long Island Press’ Best Sex Therapist of Long Island this year! I would really appreciate it if you would cast your vote as many times as you can and spread the word! You can vote once a day per computer. Here are instructions on how to Leer más…

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How to use gender pronouns

Having a hard time figuring out how to use a gender prounoun you’re not used to yet? This fun little app let’s you plug in a gender pronoun (she, he, they, xe, ze, ey, hir, fae, and hu) — perhaps yours, a friend’s, your child’s or parent’s– and understand how Leer más…

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Daily Meditation

“Go in peace, speak the truth, give thanks each day. Respect the earth and her creatures, for they are alive like you. Care for your body; it is a wondrous gift. Live simply. Be of service. Be guided by your faith and not your fear. Go lightly on your path. Walk in a sacred manner.” Leer más…

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Best Sex Therapist on Long Island

Rosara Torrisi has won the distinction of Long Island’s best Sex Therapist! Lots of thanks to those who have experienced the benefits of sex therapy with her and voted for Rosara Torrisi for this honor. To a happy and healthy New Year filled with delicious sex!  

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This is the home that love built

I rarely post something religious, but I found this meditation to resonate with my practice as a therapist for couples, relationships and individuals. What are your thoughts? How does love fortify your home? How is your home a refuge for you and your family? What joys and sorrys and mundane Leer más…

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21st Century Rewards

Parents often ask me about helping their teen become a responsible adult. I almost always explain that, just like children, adults are always seeking rewards. As adults, however, we take our reward granting to ourselves as a given. If I am having trouble getting out the door for my daily Leer más…

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