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Month: julio 2017

Dr. T’s baby

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The LIIST family is excited to welcome Dr. Torrisi’s baby into the world! He was born on 7/14/17 and weighed 6lbs! 20045420_1344253278977250_8426426940985456293_o

How Close To Your Due Date Can You Have Sex?

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leandro-cesar-santana-188372Kelly Mullen-McWilliams of Romper.com spoke with Dr. Torrisi about having sex in the third trimester. Read here for some advice.

Want to know more about sexuality throughout pregnancy? Check out this article written by Dr. Torrisi for DelCoNews, this one about sex while trying to conceive,  and these tips for post-partum sex.

Whether before, during, or after pregnancy, a check-up with a pelvic physical therapist is essential and often not discussed. The majority of OBGYNs know little about pelvic floor dysfunctions so be informed and self-advocate for full post-partum care! You can find a pelvic physical therapist near you by searching here.

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