Latisha Holder, MHC

Latisha Holder earned a master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Pace University. 

Her practice is grounded in psychodynamic principles. Latisha deeply connects with her clients as she guides them toward a more profound understanding of themselves, ultimately promoting personal growth and well-being.

Latisha’s therapeutic style embraces an eclectic approach and multicultural sensitivity, so she will consistently tailor your therapy to what works best for you. She is committed to supporting individuals in managing discomfort or anxiety related to sexual self-esteem, self-worth, and relationships. 

Latisha has a specific interest in navigating issues related to social anxiety and anxiety surrounding intimacy. She can also help address concerns that include sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and difficulty with arousal and orgasm. Latisha is a kink-aware, poly-inclusive, and LGBT+-affirming therapist. 

In her practice, Latisha creates a safe and non-judgmental space, facilitating open conversations and offering personalized support to enhance clients’ sexual well-being. Her passion and commitment to guiding individuals, relationships, and families through the intricate challenges of sexual health, mental well-being, and personal relationships, including sexual dysfunctions, are evident in her work. Latisha is happy to collaborate with individuals and couples on their journey towards improved sexual health and overall well-being. Her dedication to providing holistic and compassionate care shines through in every aspect of her practice.