Samantha Stein, LMSW

Samantha Stein is a Licensed Master Social Worker who earned her MSW from Adelphi University. As a dedicated therapist at LIIST, Samantha brings a wealth of experience to her practice, with a strong desire to assist disadvantaged or at-risk individuals.

At LIIST, Samantha works with individuals facing challenges related to sexual functioning, depression, anxiety, gender and sexual orientation, and relationship skills. She supports gender and sexual orientation-diverse (LGBTQ+) individuals and helps couples of all types enhance their communication skills. Samantha is also poly-inclusive and kink-aware.

A passion close to Samantha’s heart is addressing sexual health issues in young adults, as well as exploring gender and sexual identity and expression. With extensive experience in guiding clients through past or recent traumas, Samantha adopts an eclectic therapy style that integrates elements of trauma-focused CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy.

Samantha is a member of NASW and AASECT and values creating an inviting, affirming, and safe space for patients to explore any issues. 

Samantha’s gender pronouns and titles are She/They, Mrs.