Bored? Overwhelmed? Help each other out.

Are you bored? Overwhelmed? How can we help each other?

man covering face with both hands while sitting on couch

Right now, there’s a big divide between those who are overwhelmed because of this crisis and those who are bored.

If your are an overwhelmed person, please consider reaching out for help. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, your family, your loved ones.

If you are a bored person, consider doing something more socially productive with your ‘free’ time. Doing something productive isn’t only about getting paid. In fact, you are staying home right now, doing nothing, because it is the most productive thing most people can be doing right now. But you can do more if you want to.

Some ideas for bored people to help overwhelmed people:

– get more engaged in local/state/federal politics.
– offer to help someone safely get groceries or necessities.
– have a career skill you’re not using (as much) right now? Post your skill/what you’re good at and see if someone would like some donated support in that area right now.
– offer yourself as a good listener for people who need some emotional dumping.
– send people messages of encouragement. “You got this!” And “you are wonderful” are good places to start.
– engage virtually with someone else’s kids for any amount of time so they can have a bit of a break. This could look like a video chat where you watch a baby playing on it’s own for 3 minutes so a parent can pee with less panic, or enjoying an online game with an older kid while their parent cooks a meal.
– offer to help with a kid’s homework/at home learning. No one really knows what they’re doing unless they’re a teacher. Your help is likely just as good as any other person’s might be.
– lend some logistical support to those who might be too overwhelmed too figure out how to get the day done.
– make donations of time, money, energy to non-profit organizations that help people in need.
– connect with an older relative or neighbor and encourage them to move about as they talk to you.
– purchase gift cards from small businesses.
– help someone who is isolated with harmful housemates connect with a helpful organization, such as a crisis hotline or a domestic violence shelter.

As a bored person, can you think of other ways to help overwhelmed people?

As an overwhelmed person, can you think of ways bored people can be helpful to you?