Looking for advice on pregnancy & postpartum care?

I was recently asked by a family member what I would recommend for pregnancy support, vaginal delivery prep, and postpartum care. Here are my top recommendations.

The Ab System belly wrap from bellies inc. is great to put your body back in order, whether you’ve had a C-section or vaginal delivery

The Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit from Frida is great. The company also makes a lot of other helpful postpartum gear.

Private Packs are also excellent for postpartum care. These reusable hot & cold packs help relax muscles & combat swelling as well as reduce inflammation and pain.

If sex becomes painful during or after pregnancy, using OhNut may help you have sex without discomfort. The majority of folks have pelvic pain for at least a year after pregnancy, regardless of C-section or vaginal delivery.

Most people have urinary issues before and after pregnancy. ONDRwear washable leakproof underwear were designed by a urologist to help keep you covered while you’re healing and before physical therapy work kicks in.

Speaking of physical therapy, if kegels are part of your routine, the kGoal is a fun way to get your exercises in!

For PT work, we appreciate the Intimate Rose dilator set and massage wand. I recommend the vibrating one even if you don’t intend to use it. Vibration helps break up scar tissue and bring blood flow to an area. You don’t have to turn on the vibration if you don’t want to, but it can make your homework more fun.

Last but not least, lube. Especially afterwards. All your hormones shift and make for a lot of sensitive tissue and dryness. We love Slippery Stuff, Good Clean Love, and Uberlube.

Most importantly, listen to your body, and be gentle with yourself.